Significant Cleaning Services

Significant Cleaning Services was founded in 1987 by Larry and Diane Lovaglia in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Over the years we have grown considerably, increasing our number of employees along with our accounts throughout the Greater Bay Area. We currently manage 300 employees providing full benefits for them and their families as well.

Regardless of the growth SCS strives to keep the same family business culture within our company. We are built off of a foundation of strong and reliable staff. A large percentage of our employees have been with us for many years and none of our success could be accomplished without their hard work and dedication.

SCS works extremely hard to maintain the same personal attention and service to our clients as we did when we first opened. Specializing in commercial office cleaning, high-rise window washing, and general maintenance we are available to help you with all of your commercial cleaning needs customized to your company/orgaization.

We believe our success is due primarily to the hiring of self-motivated, high quality janitors working with our supervisory staff to maintain a consistent level of excellence.